November Blang at 12 Bar Club

Monday, 14 November 2011 00:00

Blang @ The 12 Bar Presents:
12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, WC2
Tuesday November 14

The Magnetic Mind
The Soft Close-Ups

Facebook event

Doors 7.30
Bar ‘till 2 am.

8 30 The Soft Close-Ups
Lounge-pop torch songs from ex-Luxembourg singer David Shah aided and abetted by Aug Stone.

“such a talented, criminally overlooked lyricist/vocalist." (God Is In The TV)

"David [is] still disturbingly blessed with an unnerving knack for cobbling together a nifty slice of attractively drilled candy pop” (Losing Today)

9 15 The Magnetic Mind
The 60s psych-garage and West Coast folk-rock inspired Magnetic Mind are like a mix of the Nuggets folk, pop and punk compilations, but with Ellie Foden as lead singer they mostly bring to mind The Great Society. Currently recording their first single with Liam Watson at Toe Rag.

10 00 Sheepy (Predator EP launch)

Alan McGee would have sold his drugs and leather trousers and commandeered a taxi to Liverpool had he heard Sheepy in the heyday of Creation Records. The lyrics are a mix of innocence and urban observation. The music stands effortlessly with the best of that city’s pop music heritage over the last 50 years. His first single on Blang, Predator, is a punk-pop joyride but that’s just the start. There’s a lot more to come from this skinny young Scousepop dreamer.


October Blang at 12 Bar Club

Monday, 19 September 2011 14:46

Blang @ The 12 Bar Presents:
12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, WC2
Tuesday  October 4

The Dead Class
Jowe Head And The Demi-Monde
Sergeant Buzfuz

Facebook event

Doors 7.30
Bar ‘till 2 am.

8 15 Sergeant Buzfuz
"another two effortless tunes. Danny's Room is situated somewhere inbetween Simon And Garfunkel and The Beatles at their most maudlin, it's a gorgeous lament. Molly's Bar is more upbeat with a chorus which impales itself in your head from first listen...Like Belle And Sebastian with the 'twee' trimmed off, perfect for the summer, and one of their best singles to date" (Sounds XP)

9 00 Jowe Head And The Demi-Monde
After appearing last month with experimental folk troupe Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders the Jowe Head season continues with the former Swell Map/Television Personality’s psych-folk-drone-rock ensemble The Demi-Monde.

9 45 Vamos
Originally formed in Liverpool but based in Galway since 2004 Vamos are headed by squabbling laughing energy-wired brothers Tomas and Vinny Wood. Their raucous’n’roll power trio Vamos is a high voltage itch that just has to be scratched.
Vamos Facebook

10 30 The Dead Class
Conversely The Dead Class are based in Liverpool and fronted by mercurial Galwegian Villy Raze. A high-octane express train ride filled with punk pop sparks.


September Blang at 12 Bar Club

Friday, 05 August 2011 15:19

Blang @ The 12 Bar Presents:
12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, WC2
Tuesday September 6

The Real Bad Habits
Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders
and a late set from Joe Murphy

Facebook event:

Doors 7.30
Bar ‘till 2 am.

8 30 Luge
In the 70s Jordan and McQueen were Scots internationals who played for Leeds and Man Utd. Now Jordan and McQueen are the guitarists in West London London jangle pop combo Luge.

9 15 Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders
Jowe Head (Swell Maps/TVPs/etc) and songwriter Catherine Gerbrands (guitar/autoharp/harmonium/saw) join forces to create neo-folk songs of shimmering fragility.

10 00 The Real Bad Habits
This seven piece carnival formed at school in South East London. Their horn and rhythm sections swing together to create a rollicking party of ska and rocksteady.

10 45 Joe Murphy
Sgt Buzfuz singer plays solo. “REM would kill, hopefully each other, for songs like these” (Unpeeled)


August Blang at 12 Bar Club

Sunday, 24 July 2011 16:09

Blang @ The 12 Bar Presents:
12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, WC2
Tuesday August 2

Pale Man Made
The Buzfuz String Band
The Fifth Runway
and a late set from Skye’s Diamond

Facebook event:!/event.php?eid=261150747235042

Doors 7.30
Bar ‘till 2 am.

8 30 The Fifth Runway
Paul Carr (guitar/vocals) and Chris Scobie (keyboard/vocals) present a narrative song cycle of surreal English music hall ditties with echoes of Bonzos, Kevin Ayers, Pete Um and Noel Coward on Mandrax. Originally written for a series on Resonance the story has unravelled into a forthcoming second series due in the Autumn.

9 15 The Buzfuz String Band
Acoustic line-up of Buzfuz tonight. “Referencing 1960s punk, psychedelia, Krautrock, Irish folk, glam rock and drone, Buzfuz achieve a harmonious, chiming mash-up, sounding like none of the above” (Aesthetica)

10 00 Pale Man Made
C86 old-skool indiefrom the North East featuring male-female vocal interplay, bittersweet lyrics and discordant jangling. Debut album “Oh, My Treasured Things” was a Huw Stephens album of the week on Radio 1. Songs about wild boars, snooker players, giant squids and evil MPs.

10 45 Skye’s Diamond
Tom Evans produces ambient soundscapes from a bass guitar and effects pedals.


July Blang at Monarch

Monday, 11 July 2011 00:00

Blang presents:
The Monarch
40-42 Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London NW1 8BG
Monday July 11

Sergeant Buzfuz
Mary Ocher
Anna Madeleine
and guest DJ Tom Mayne (David Cronenberg’s Wife)

Facebook event

Doors 7.30
Bar ‘till 12.30 am

8 30 Anna Madeleine
A haunting voice breathes mist on a sheen of electronica. Anna’s sets have delighted the crowds at previous Blang nights.
Anna Madeleine site

9 15 Mary Ocher
Born in Moscow and later growing up in Israel, Mary Ocher is a modern protest singer and artist and leader of Berlin-based Mary And The Baby Cheeses. Her first solo album “War Songs” contains 13 art-folk songs about persecution, nationalism, sexual abuse and, as she ironically describes it, her favourite subject, war. She has been involved in “Voices”, a fundraiser for Physicians For Human Rights (PHR) in Gaza.
Mary Ocher website

10 00 Sergeant Buzfuz
Medieval space pop clan promote latest single Danny’s Room/Molly’s Bar (Blang 33)
"great story-telling" (Whisperin And Hollerin) "Fantastic” (New Singles Review) "as finely a crafted pop song as you'll find anywhere” (Fatea)

*Tom Mayne from DCW will be spinning a personal selection of tunes throughout the night


July Blang at 12 Bar Club

Sunday, 19 June 2011 17:21

Blang @ The 12 Bar Presents:
12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, WC2
Tuesday July 5

All The Queen’s Ravens
Slate Islands
and a late set from A.R.S. Hellden

Facebook event

Doors 7.30
Bar ‘till 2 am.

8 30 Bonesetter
"Keep a lock knife in your pocket, a pistol under your pillow". Sound advice from punk-folkist Bonesetter as he rails against man's inhumanity to man and the planet, and eating too many Sweetcakes.
Bonesetter Soundcloud

9 15 Slate Islands
Celtic Noir quartet follow recent “You Are The One” single with songs from upcoming Blang album “The Corner Of Your Eye”.
“the breezy folk traditionalism reveals a dark heart beating below the surface… well executed, witty and more than a little disturbing. You wonder what other dark tales you'll find lurking when the album drops later in the year.” (Sounds XP)
Slate Islands Soundcloud

10 00 All The Queen’s Ravens
New Cross sextet creating a sirocco of English and Spanish folk, banjo-stomp and dress-swirling.
All The Queen's Ravens MySpace

10 45 A.R.S. Hellden
Atmospheric rhythm guitar-driven songs from Swedish songstress.


June Blang at 12 Bar Club

Tuesday, 07 June 2011 00:00

Blang @ The 12 Bar Presents:
12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, WC2

Trees And The Slipway
Ashley Reaks
Sergeant Buzfuz
Facebook event 

Doors 7.30
Bar ‘till 2 am.
8 30 Sergeant Buzfuz
Folkadelic beat combo launch ‘Danny’s Room/Molly’s Bar’ single.  “If a Northern Bowie was in the Super Furry Animals…infectiously catchy…remarkably escaping any immediate comparison, sound-wise, despite having a relatively accessible (though not overly-commercial) sound.” (Subba-Cultcha)

9 15 Ashley Reaks
One of the funniest men at loose in his own clothes, his is a Northern English nightmare of puppets, explosions, mental illness, wigs, music and sausage fat. He is unlike any other performer you have seen. If you enjoy masochistic laughter: weeping, aching ribs, stomach cramps and peeing yourself, hey, come on down!

10 00 Trees And The Slipway
Stephen Wood (ex-Ricky Spontane) and Joss Cope (deXter Bentley/United States Of Mind/Something Pretty Beautiful/Biff Bang Pow!) take the breaks off their marshmallow motorcycle, rev up the psych pop fuzz and head for the trees and the slipway.

10 45 Paleface
Paleface started writing when he received songwriting lessons from Daniel Johnston. He shared a flat with Beck in the late 80s when both became performers in the NYC antifolk scene.  He’s released a string of records for various US labels including Shimmy Disc and Sire. His music is rhythmic antifolk and blues and he last played at Blang with his ex-outfit Just About To Burn. He returns with drummer Monica Samalot to promote new LP “One Big Party”.


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