October Blang

Tuesday, 05 October 2010 00:00

12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, WC2

Tits of Death
Extradition Order
A.R.S. Hellden
and a late set from Sergeant Buzfuz

Doors 7.30
Bar ‘till 2 am.

Swedish songwriter Alex Rita Susanna Hellden first made music using software versions of analogue synths to create soundscapes of noise. Moving to London’s East End she’s progressed to making delicate and haunting songs using keyboards and guitar.

Like The Seeds and The Birthday Party being put through a mangle. Extradition Order hail from Warrington and since their previous controversial Blang appearances (Joe Buzfuz having to protect the band from being punched by audience members while playing, people walking out in disgust, etc) have signed to I Blame The Parents Records and learnt to play their instruments a bit better. But hopefully not much better.

Self-styled ‘ten breasted rock machine’ Tits Of Death are uber-glam panther queens creating a motorcycle crash involving the Runaways, T. Rex and Motorhead (kinda Lem-fatales).

Solo show from Joe Murphy and his jiggery-folkery-popery. ”vocalist Joe Murphy shares an attribute or two with loveable loonies and oddball wordsmiths like Robyn Hitchcock and John Otway. Or even Ray Davies. Or Wreckless driving out into the green English wilderness and chancing upon a folk night singaround at a remote village pub called 'The Syphilis Ploughboy'. The crusty bread is hallucinogenic, The Handsome Family have booked a room for the night and there's a dead body in the duck pond." (New-Noise)


'Cheer Up Britain' launch party Oct 16

Monday, 27 September 2010 15:39

Blang Presents:
Camden Head, 100 Camden High Street NW1 0LU
Saturday October 16th
‘Cheer Up Britain’ launch party with:

Corporal Machine And The Bombers
Sergeant Buzfuz
Long John Silver
Doors 7.30
Open ‘till 3 am.

8 30 Long John Silver
Antifolk blues duo from Paris. Delicate, moody and hypnotic.

9 15 Sergeant Buzfuz
Modern folk songs about death, desire and drinking. And that’s just the ones about the papacy.
"Imagine XTC singing Celtic folk music, and you'll be half-way to appreciating the beautiful anarchy of the opening track. But then it really does get ever-more weird and strangely wonderful. I can only imagine the sheer joy and possible mayhem that their live gigs contain." (Sandman album review)

10 00 Corporal Machine And The Bombers
New signings to Blang Records celebrate the release of their debut single ‘Cheer Up Britain’.  Bombers shows are like watching six people joyriding in a Morris Minor with a tuba sticking out of the boot. Observations on the pathos of modern life delivered by a bouncy sextet playing music hall, skiffle, antifolk, and tuba –driven pop.  21st century descendents of the Blockheads and Squeeze. ‘Please, don’t scatter my ashes in Romford!’


September Blang

Tuesday, 07 September 2010 00:00

12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, WC2

8 30 Sergeant Buzfuz
9 15 The Blue Tackies
10 00 David Cronenberg's Wife


July Blang

Monday, 12 July 2010 11:36

12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, WC2

8 30 Joe Innes
9 15 Local Girls
10 00 Sergeant Buzfuz


June Blang

Monday, 14 June 2010 11:34

At the 12 Bar club in Soho, London:

7 30 Italy vs Paraguay
9 30 Lucy's Diary
10 15 The Soft Close-Ups
11 Sergeant Buzfuz


May Blang

Monday, 10 May 2010 11:33

At the 12 Bar club in Soho, London:

8 30 Listen Lisse
9 15 Erin K & Tash
10 00 MR B The Gentleman Rhymer


Filthy Pedro album launch party

Monday, 12 April 2010 11:31

At the 12 Bar club in Soho, London:

8 30 Luge
9 15 Corporal Machine and the Bombers
10 00 Filthy Pedro and the Carthaginians


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