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High Slang (CD and download)

High Slang (CD and download)

Sergeant Buzfuz

Released February 2009

Latest release from Blang (recently profiled on Huw Stephens on Radio 1) ‘High Slang’, the 4th album from Sergeant Buzfuz, is an eclectic mash-up of pop, psychedelia, Celtic folk, punk, improv, drone-rock and remix culture. It features the single Here Come The Popes Part 3 which was championed by Mark Lamarr at Radio 2 and Tom Robinson at 6 Music, who invited them in for a live session. The single was proclaimed Single Of The Month at Playlouder. “One of my favourite songs for some time... I love its spirit, I love the idea behind it, I love the fact that it’s like nothing else I’ve ever heard” (Mark Lamarr, Radio 2)

“Universally charming” (NME)

“Ceaselessly inventive...14 candidates for John Peel’s Festive Fifty” (TimeOut)

“ Dazzling...Referencing 1960s punk, psychedelia, Krautrock, Irish folk, glam-rock and drone, Sergeant Buzfuz achieve a harmonious, chiming mash-up, sounding like none of the above. ‘High Slang’ should be the record which catapults the band out of the underground” (Aesthetica)

“Buzfuz are a bloody riot” (Plan B)

“songs full of spirit, an album full of them” (Organ, Album Of The Week)

“Blending an awe inspiring instrumental with poetic and story-telling lyrics on each and every song its difficult to be even remotely bored by this band.” (Music-Zine) “Sergeant Buzfuz definitely do whatever they like and they definitely have something to say. Endearing and compelling,” (Supersweet)

[ Physical copy ] Cost £8
[ Download all tracks ] Cost £5
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Prices Shown in Pounds Sterling (GBP)
# Track Name Duration Preview Cost +Add
1 God to Holloway 6:27 £0.60
2 Here Come the Popes, Pt. 2 2:41 £0.60
3 Here Come the Popes, Pt. 3 3:01 £0.60
4 Cockney Rebel 2:47 £0.60
5 Names for Girls 3:41 £0.60
6 Mothership Zelda 2:12 £0.60
7 In the Back of My Cab 3:09 £0.60
8 Kay Malone 5:34 £0.60
9 -Itis 1:50 £0.60
10 My Drinking Friends 2:03 £0.60
11 Rebellion with Fries 4:12 £0.60
12 Kisses from the Sickbed 3:03 £0.60
13 Here Come the Popes, Pt. 4 5:38 £0.60
14 Go Hoot, Owl Lady 4:50 £0.60

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