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Popes 4 Cops 1 (download single)

Popes 4 Cops 1 (download single)

Sergeant Buzfuz

Released February 2010

"Continuing their recent obsession with Papal history and ripped from last year’s ‘High Slang’ full length, the absolutely smoked and shit faced ‘Here Come The Popes’ is liberally dusted in the kind of wasted and off centred fat funky fancifulness that was once the loose fit sole remit of a ‘Bummed’ era Happy Monday’s though obviously here appearing to have debunked Shaun and in his place hastily acquired John Cooper Clarke for vocal niceties, lest we forget to mention the let it hang loose trippy looping locked groove shuffles and momentary excursions into BAD styled hook hungry mild psyche tweaked choral tastiness. Well smart. Psych purists may well be advised to head trip over to the flip side, ’Here Come The Cops’ is a suitably chilled and bliss wired re-drill of the original mix inspired in the main by red light prowling Vatican priest Cesare Burgazzi’s embarrassing buzz with the fuzz. A mind wiring trip wiring tapestry of mood melting retro groove that’s heavy on the bass and delay effects dissolving dreamscapes and very much dipped and draped deliciously in a kind of spaced out 70’s styled fried funk that to these ears sounds not unlike those dudes of cool Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve shimmying up to a particularly out of it though all the same sublimely irresistible Superimposers to score for your considered listening appreciation a chic lysergic tipped variation of blaxploitation muzak with the help of the Ozrics and the New Fast Automatic Daffodils." (Losing Today)

"Buzfuz are very clever, but not clever-clever, if you know what I mean. ‘Here Come the Popes, Part 4’ is driven by a VU groove that’s criss-crossed by an unsettling keyboard riff, and it lists some of the Papacy’s worst crimes with some of Joe Murphy’s best lines: “the inquisition seemed a good idea at the time”. There’s a great instrumental remix of ‘Part 4’ in cop show stylee, paying tribute to the story of a high speed car chase through a red light district involving a Vatican priest, which ended with: “don’t you know who I am?” Entertaining, educational (listen in if you want to know “the pope of bling”), but not on the Nazi pope’s jukebox, one suspects. (Sounds XP)

"an addictively good tune" (Organ)

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