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Sweden EP (download)

Sweden EP (download)

David Cronenberg's Wife

Released September 2010

1 Sweden (album version)

2 Cymru (Welsh language version)

3 Sweden Oculus III Mix

4 Sweden 8Spirit Mix

5 Sweden David Apple Mix

“Sweden” sees DCW eschew their usual bleak urban storytelling for a stream-of-consciousness reverie about dreams, possibilities and the crushing disappointments of reality. The band grind out a cyclical nagging 2 note guitar line, which grows into a bee-loud headache as Tom Mayne’s detached Mancunian voiceover appears like interference from another station, a scientist explaining a weather pattern. Omega-3 fish oils, Annabel Croft, Ingmar Bergman, sex, repetition.

“What can you do when you can only raise a smile? My troubles with women? As Groucho said: ‘I wouldn’t want to belong to any club which would have me as a member’”

This 5 track Swedenfest features “Sweden” sung in Welsh and 3 remixes. South London-based Oculus III: ethereal psy-trance. 18 year-old North Londoner 8Spirit: cut-ups filtered through cold Swedish sunlight. New Zealand-based David Apple: analogue synth-pop (the mix to check if you want to hear the words clearly!).

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# Track Name Duration Preview Cost +Add
1 Sweden (album version) 3:23 £0.60
2 Cymru (Welsh language version) 3:55 £0.60
3 Sweden Oculus III Mix 5:49 £0.60
4 Sweden 8Spirit Mix 3:38 £0.60
5 Sweden David Apple Mix 5:17 £0.60

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